Make Money Online With A Proven Concept

When you are online and surfing do you buy something immediately or are you rather looking for high quality information ?

If you are not buying something from Amazon, Ebay or another well known provider you are probably surfing to gather information which is important for you.

You are not the only one. Millions of other people are doing exactly the same: they are searching for quality information. Therefore give the visitors of your site exactly what they are looking for:

Information they are interested in.

Build your websites and put information on it, information which is either well researched by you or information about topics where you are an expert at and which you like. As soon as you have done that, everything begins to flow ...

The C-T-P-M model for making money online

Now let's have a look at the C-T-P-M model in order to make money on the internet. Thousands of online businesses have proven, that this concept is the best, most natural and easiest way to build a successfull online business. It doesn't matter which niche this business is in.

C - Content
Online users are looking for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you ! They are looking for the things that you do know ! And you should exactly give that to them. You know something in which other people are interested in. Something they are looking for.

Therefore build a website which fulfills the needs of the internet users. Take your knowledge and transform it with the help of your website in high demand information. To be successfull in online business you must hit your visitors at this point: when searching for quality information.

T - Traffic

After you have built up your website with high quality information, you should look for targeted traffic to your website. This is best achieved with search engine optimization. You should strive to bring your site to number one page of search engine results for the keywords which you are targeting. It is uf utmost importance to build high quality backlinks to your websites in order to achieve this. If you do a google search for "SEO" you will find enough free information about this topic. When you are positioned high in the search engines then you can be sure that targeted traffic will hit your site.

P - PREsell

How is it possible that other people (your visitors), who doesn't know you, develop trust in you ? You reach this if you provide what they are searching for: relevant, personal ( based on your own experience)  and quality information.

Provide this kind of information to your visitors. The more the better. More than they hope for. Deliver this information in your very own way, I will say in your own voice. Present your information in a way that your visitors not only develop trust in you, but in a way that they love you.

Attention: Don't try to sell immediately to visitors on your website. It's not very effective. As long as you don't have a trademark, no reputation like Amazon, nobody is going to buy your products before he hasn't got a picture of you. Herein lies the power of preselling. You raise a picture of you that people love.

M - Monetize

You now have really good information (content) and interested visitors (traffic) who have trust in you. Your visitors are open to buy a product from you (preselling). Either directly from you or a product which you recommend.

Transform these enthusiastic, ready to buy visitors into profit. This is called "Monetizing". That's the easiest part of the C - T - P - M model. But you will have big difficulties in monetizing your products or services if you don't do C - T - P the correct way. Please do know that 99% of online businesses fail at exactly this point.

C - T - P is the motor , the vehicle, which brings your online business to the M - to make money from home. Follow this concept and you will build a stable and successfull online business.

Monetize with various methods

As soon as you have acquired presold traffic (ready to buy visitors) you are in control. Install  sources of income on your website.

Provide your own products or provide products of other providers (affiliate marketing): books, ebooks, videos, audios, software ... Recommend services and earn good provisions. Make money online in providing advertising space to others ( don't doverdo it as your site can become overcluttered with ads which many visitors don't really like).

A variety of income sources ist the base for maximum profit, growth and stability. Most small business owners think that you can only have one source of income, that you have to specialize to only one. They either sell normal products or digital products (ebooks, videos, software ...), they make money online with Google Adsense or they provide services.

In  order to make money online don't think "or-or-or".

Think "and-and-and" !



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