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Everybody knows that it can be helpful to have extra money in the bank. Whether you’re saving up for something special like a holiday or need help paying your debts off, taking on an online job or even more of them can be an easy and fantastic idea to add some extra cash to your bank account whenever needed.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often. Since there seems to be a new way to earn money online almost every day, I’ll be adding new things to this list.



You don’t need to be a wordsmith to earn money as a writer, especially if you’re just looking for some extra income here and there. There are sites that constantly have writing jobs posted (usually short articles or blog posts). You can accept which assignments you take and actually earn a decent side income each month.

If you’re a beginner and need a little extra guidance, the perfect place to start is Write Your Way to Your First 1k. This self-paced course will guide you as you start from scratch and learn what it takes to get paid to write in just 7 short weeks.

BKA – BKA stands for Buy Keyword Articles. And that’s the type of writing assignments you’ll work on (keyword specific ones). You will need to pass a test to get started. You need to commit to writing five articles per week.

Domainite – Get paid through PayPal for each article you write for Domainite. Pay rate is $1.00 for every 100 words, but the assignments are very easy. They always have articles available to be written.

Great Content – Register and submit a short (200-300 word) sample to get started at Great Content. You can work on whichever assignments you like and can earn up to $37.50 for a 500-word article.

Hire Writers – You can earn as much as $20.00 for each article you write at Hire Writers. You can work as much or as little as you’d like. Payments are made every Friday.

Textbroker – The onboarding process at Textbroker should take less than a week once your writing sample is graded. Depending on your skill level, you can be paid $0.007 to $0.05 for each word you write. There’s always a pool of assignments available.


No online extra income list would be complete without mentioning freelance work! Thanks to freelance marketplaces it’s never been easier to sell your services and make extra money here and there. Freelancing is great because you can set your rates and work only on the projects you choose.

Fiverr – At Fiverr you post at least one basic gig that you’ll do for five bucks. This can be anything from taking a picture of yourself holding an advertisement to singing a jingle. Some freelancers can earn really good side income one gig at a time.

Freelancer – Fill out your profile and enter client contests or submit proposals at Freelancer. There’s a ton of work available (over 8 million projects posted to date!)

Guru – At Guru you can submit bids on projects that interest you. So you can pick and choose the work that fits into your schedule for extra income opportunities each month. You’ll even get alerts when a new job is posted that matches your skills.

People Per Hour – You set your own hourly rate at People Per Hour and the services you offer. Clients will contact you if they’re interested. You can take on as many or few jobs as you’d like.

iFreelance – At iFreelance you get to keep 100% of your earnings (no fees like the other marketplaces!). You can post your profile and bid on available jobs whenever you’d like.

Upwork – Upwork has more than 4 million active clients posting jobs. There’s always a ton of jobs posted. You can work on as many or few projects as you’d like while growing your own freelance business.


You don’t need to be a skilled typist to earn extra money online. Many transcription companies will hire beginners to take on as much or as little work as they’d like (as long as you can meet quality standards!). If you can type quickly and accurately, you’ll find there are never a shortage of extra income producing typing jobs available even for beginners!

If you’re thinking turning transcription work into your career, be sure to visit Transcribe Anywhere. They even offer a free mini ecourse that gives you a good understanding of the industry and lets you explore a transcription career before jumping in.

Accutran Global – Typists are paid by the word ($0.005) at Accutran Global. They’re always interested in hearing from new typists. Payments are made once monthly on the 15th.

Appenscribe – Appenscribe is open to international candidates. You can expect to earn a rate of about $0.005 per typed word. You will have to pass two small tests to get started.

Bam! – Once you pass a skills test, Bam! will consider you for contract work. You can work on files ranging from legal to corporate.

Birch Creek Communications – Birch Creek mostly has legal and corporate files available. There is a screening process to get started. Payments are made based on the length of each file you transcribe.

CastingWords – You can find CastingWords transcription jobs through their workshop and Mechanical Turk. Files are usually pretty short and are an easy way to make some extra money.

Daily Transcription – With Daily Transcription you can log in and type as long as there is work available. Files are related to legal, corporate, and the entertainment industry.

Get Transcribed – Get Transcribed will pay you $0.23 for every minute of audio you transcribe. You can even move up to Reviewer position and earn extra money that way too.

GMR Transcription –  GMR has general transcription files available most of the time. If you can pass a short test, you can get started transcribing for them.

RNK Transcription – You will need the ability to play video and audio to transcribe for RNK. If you can do that and pass their test, this can be a consistent stream of extra money each month.

Scribie – Scribie has files available to claim 24/7. So no matter what time it is, you can transcribe and earn money with Scribie. This position is open to international candidates.

Tigerfish – Another flexible way to earn extra money each month. You will have to pass three short five-minute tests to get started.

Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations (TNT) – TNT has a pretty impressive client roster. They work with the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet for transcription projects.

TranscribeMe! – With TranscribeMe! you can get up and running within 48 hours and earn payments the very next week. So this is a good extra money opportunity when you need cash sooner than later.

Ubiqus – Ubiqus has something for everyone (medical, general, and even summary writing!). If you can pass their transcription test, you can be brought on as a contractor.

1-888-TYPE-IT-UP – They hands down pay the best rate for beginning typists, but it also takes a while to hear back from them (and they’re not always looking for new typists).

Verbal Ink – This is a well-regarded transcription company known for taking care of their typists. You will have to pass a test to get on board as a contractor (but they always have work available to make extra $).

3Play Media – At 3Play Media you can find both typing and editing positions. You need to pass a skills test. Payments vary per project but you can expect to earn between $10.00 and $30.00 for each one you complete.

Sell Your Stuff

Whether you realize it or not, one quick pass through your house will probably yield a lot of stuff you don’t really use. And chances are someone out there is willing to pay you for it. It’s like having a lot of dollars sitting on shelves and stashed in closets collecting dust. The good news is, you can put your ‘stuff’ for sale online and earn money for them with these sites.

Amazon Trade In – With trade-in categories ranging from electronics to books, you can quickly and easily round up your old stuff and trade them in for an Amazon credit (almost as good as cash!).

BookScouter – This is one of my favorite apps. Anytime I make my way to a thrift store or garage sale I always use BookScouter to scan book barcodes (ISBN) to find out instantly how much it’s worth. This app makes it easy to make a few hundred extra dollars each month!

CafePress – Set up shop at CafePress and start selling your own designs. You can put your unique designs on over 250 products and earn commission for each one that sells.

Cash 4 Books – Makes it super easy to sell your books. Type in the ISBN, get a quote on price, and even ship them for free to Cash 4 Books with a prepaid label. Get paid via check or PayPal when books arrive.

Ebay – A popular auction site, you can find just about anything on Ebay, which means you can sell just about anything too! And with their app, you can have your items listed in a matter of minutes.

Etsy – Etsy has evolved a lot as a marketplace. Sell your handmade goods, vintage items (2o years or older), and craft supplies. Even if you’re not the craftiest, you can sell vintage items you have lying around the house.

Micro Jobs & Short Tasks

Sometimes, all it takes is a few extra minutes to earn money. If you make it a habit to spend your downtime completing micro jobs, you can make a decent payout each month.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – Thousands of jobs posted (called HITS). Can be anything from image tagging to transcription. Open to international candidates, too!

ClickWorker – Writing, editing, and web research are the most common tasks found here. Payments are made once you reach $10.00. Also open to international candidates.

Crowdflower – With 5 million contributors and growing, Crowdflower is a trusted source of micro jobs. There’s opportunity to gain access to higher paying jobs once you become a ‘Skilled Contributor.’

OneSpace – When you join the OneSpace you’ll have access to tasks like tagging and writing. After you pass skills tests, you can work on higher paying jobs.

Social Media

You probably spend a good deal of time on social media. You’re not alone. Companies and brands, in an attempt to maintain their online presence, rely on social media users like you to help them manage their accounts and gain insight into what does and doesn’t work. In recent years, these types of jobs have grown in popularity. Now you can actually get paid to use social media!

Appen Social Media Evaluators – An Appen Social Media Evaluator will help improve the relevancy of a large company’s news feed. It is a temporary gig, but can lead to more projects if you do well.

Lionbridge Social Media Internet Assessor –  Requires a minimum 10 hour commitment each week. Must be a daily user of Google products including Gmail to be considered.

Time ETC. Social Media Assistant – If you have as little as three hours each week, you can work as a Social Media Assistant at Time Etc. and help clients manage their social media presence.

Virtual Assisting

Most Virtual Assistant companies require a time commitment that’s the equivalent of full-time work. But there are a few companies that are flexible enough to use for making extra money online. So if you’re great at getting things done and have a few hours to spare, you can use them to earn a little extra each month as a Virtual Assistant.

If you’d like to take your career in your own hands, sign up for 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. This self-paced ecourse is ideal for beginners and will show you, step by step, what it takes to start a successful VA business from scratch!

Fancy Hands –  This is a crowdsourced Virtual Assistant company. You’ll have access to tasks 24/7. Payments are made every two weeks via Dwolla.

Lifebushido – They’re always interested in hearing from candidates. To start you need to commit just five hours a week. You can choose (if you want) to work more after you’ve become established with them.

Time Etc. – If you’ve got even a spare three hours each week, you can get started at Time Etc. You’ll be matched up with clients based on their needs and your skills.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluators are the human element behind the search results you see when you type something into Google or Bing. These are usually temporary, super flexible assignments that pay from $12.00 to $15.00 an hour.

Appen – At Appen, you’ll work on projects called Web Search Evaluation. Before being paid you will need to take and pass certification tests which may take up to three weeks to complete.

Leapforce – As a Leapforce At Home Agent, you can work on general web evaluation or Personalized Search Engine projects which will use your Google account to generate tasks.

Lionbridge – Lionbridge almost always has search engine evaluation positions available for U.S. and international candidates. Must be able to meet their rating quality standards to get started.

iSoftStone – At iSoftStone you’ll work with Bing and Internet Explorer to complete your tasks. You will need to take and pass a certification test which involves over 100 questions to get started.

ZeroChaos – ZeroChaos is the only company to hire Evaluators on as employees. They also happen to pay the best at $15.00/hour. This is working with Google and improving the relevancy of ads and search engine results.

Editing & Proofreading

With so much content around, there’s a growing demand for online editors and proofreaders. So if you know how to make good writing great, you can earn extra money online each month. If you’re serious about making a living as a proofreader, not just extra money, visit Proofread Anywhere. There is a valuable  free 7-day intro course to find out if proofreading transcripts for court reporters is the right career path for you.

Domainite – All you need is to complete an editing sample to get started. Once you’re approved you can earn $0.25 for every 100 words you edit.

Kibin –  As a Kibin editor you can join a supportive team of editors and work on projects that interest you. This is a freelance position open to international candidates.

Proofreading Services – Proofreading Services has plenty of work to go around for their editors (but you can choose to work part-time). You will need to pass a 20-minute test to get started.

Scribendi – At Scribendi you can choose when and which projects you work on. You’ll earn regular pay and can even earn monthly incentives!

Smartphone Photos

You know all those pictures you have sitting in your smartphone gallery? Well they could actually earn you some extra money every month. These are simple (and funs) ways to monetize the pictures you take!

Foap – Download the Foap app for your Android or iPhone and upload the pictures you’d like to sell. You get $5.00 each time one of your photos gets purchased. Participate in Missions to earn even more.

Snapwire – Become an approved photographer for Snapwire and start getting paid for your photos. You can upload photos from your portfolio or take on challenges.

Clashot – Download the Clashot app and sell your photos to stock image company, DepositPhotos. You’ll earn a commission every time one of your photos is purchased.

SnapCape – After you download the SnapCape app you can start earning money for the pictures you take.There are tons of contests from well-known brands on this platform (currently only avialable for Android. An iPhone app is in the works!)

Dreamstime – This is one of the largest stock photos sites out there. They’ve made is super easy to sell your pictures with their app. Upload your photos and collect cash each time they sell.

I Am Sure That There Is Something Interesting For Everyone Who is Determined and Purposeful To Earn  Money Online. I Have Listed Plenty Of Opportunities Here, So It Should Be Manageable To Find Something Adequate For You And To Make Money Online.

I Wish All Of You The Best In Your Endeavours To Make Online Profits !

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