How To Create Your Own Video Products

Today, people are looking for something that they can actually respond to in place of the usual eBooks and special reports being provided across the net. Now, more than ever, there is a challenge for the internet marketer to come up with new ways to entice people going to his web presence and buying a particular product or service.

Certainly one of the products which seems to be able to do this is the video product. Video is becoming one of the biggest marketing tools around today and everyday is getting a bigger audience. In this eBook, we will look at what you need and how you go about making your own video product for the internet and for your marketing outreach.

There are many reasons as to why the video product is now starting to surpass the written word, and below are just a number of reasons for it:

# People, in general, appreciate and respond better to what they can see and hear, rather than what they can just read. Others just don't like to read, and for them a video is the right thing to learn something new or to be entertained. This development is clearly seen in the massive views of videos on YouTube and other platforms. It is clearly evident that it's just easier for many people to watch and hear about a certain topic rather than to read about it.

# People are more stimulated when they watch something that they will enjoy, and by creating such a product you will get a better responsiveness for your creations, meaning more interested people in your products, and also be able to attract new customers from other platforms. 

As you already know there are many other video platforms besides YouTube, like 

Vimeo - It comes with the standard suite and the ability to create and share videos to groups or channels. There's also a video school to help you make better videos. It's a solid platform if you feel more serious about video as creative outlet or are just looking for a more constructive community (more feedback and less trolling).

Flickr - Flickr actually lets you upload videos — you have to click on the Explore Tab. Flickr still sees photo uploading as its highest priority, but it is also "gently" building out its video abilities. It calls videos "long photos" and limits their length to just 90 seconds. This somehow could seem restrictive, but users inclined to embrace short-form video will have access to Flickr's massive and active user base. Their video space is going to keep growing.

DailyMotion -  It is organized more like a content aggregator. DailyMotion offers videos of varying length organized by category. You can find plenty of user-made videos here, but professional, quality clips are more prominently featured. The site restricts storage capacity to less than 150 MB and less than 20 minutes per video. Not being the most intuitive site for uploaders, it's easy for curious viewers to browse. If you are able to manage the backend, there's a good chance your video will reach new eyes.

# It is a great way of conveying information more clearly and demonstrating the product more effectively using a video rather than with the written word. People somehow seem to understand video instructions better than it's written counterpart, and it's much easier for them to watch videos and to be immersed into them.

# Using this method you are able to present the information in a clearer, and certainly more often than not, in a concise manner. If you are able to express your information in a comprehensible and entertaining way, people are willing to watch your videos and to give you recognition with their likes and to even praise your video in the comments section.

# These are often viewed as being more professional than their counterparts, such as eBooks. If you could create something like a masterpiece of a video product, your video will have the chance of going viral and to attract massive floods of traffic to your products. If you go serious about it, it could establish you as an authorithy in your area, and it will be of great help for your further endeavors and to spread the word about other products that you are going to create in the future.


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How To Create Your Own Video Products

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